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Our daily lives are filled with problems to be resolved and wasted opportunities caused by lack of time and focus: Creography® is a crucial solution for simplifying the processes for resolving problems and implementing new ideas. With the correct tools, the step between a current existing need and the desired result is rapid and decisive.

This method and kit is designed to guide and engage work groups in defining problems to be resolved, identifying opportunities, and facilitating their achievement. It begins simply with an existing need and defining the objectives: the method is learnt directly step by step, while working to achieve the result.


Innovation is a complex process, especially when it needs to be carried out by a team: inputs and ideas can sometimes override the operations needed to produce results. Creography® helps teams stay focussed on the final objective, saving time, energy and costs.


Individuare soluzioni

Identificare nuove opportunità di business

Realizzare l'innovazione seriale

Stimolare il confronto costruttivo

Sviluppare e concretizzare le idee

Mantenere il focus


This kit contains everything needed to improve the climate, creativity and productivity levels at your meetings for creating innovation.

With free downloadable PDFs

3 canvas: schemi utili a rimanere focalizzati

24 carte ispirazionali: consentono di attivare il pensiero laterale e di fare associazioni mentali

1 blocco: per prendere gli appunti in modo efficace

4 schede con istruzioni specifiche in base alla categoria di obiettivo da raggiungere

1 checklist riassuntiva del processo da seguire

1 cartellina

Plus, if needed...

Creography® is designed to be used as a stand-alone method.

However, specific coaching programs are available for learning how to use the method most efficiently, to adapt and integrate it in a wide range of situations where it can be used in team work, or in collaboration with other departments, suppliers, or expert consultants.

Method coaching for work groups, beginning with half-day programs.

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