Product and service concept

Inventing ideas to develop a new product or service is a daily challenge.

This does not mean becoming an inventor, but asking the most practical questions possible in order to identify ourselves closely with the end user; it means exploring, never taking for granted, and above all, engaging the chain of stakeholders and suppliers involved in the implementation process.

It is only through proactive involvement that it is possible to maximise the productivity of single members, reduce implementation times for individual projects, and tackle the market with the necessary conviction. 


Gruppi di lavoro intedipartimentali


Dipartimento marketing

Dipartimento ricerca e sviluppo

Enti di formazione

Facilitatori, team coach e consulenti

For example
  • Identifying new ideas for a product range that is going out of production
  • Inventing new methods for improving internal communications and information transfer
  • Finding new promotional methods for training activities
  • Discovering new instruments to encourage access to new sales points
  • Creating a format for introducing the company to new employees
  • Creating presentations for new equipment or machinery
  • Collecting proposals for designing a production line.
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