Envisioning and decisions

Decisional stalemates are one of the most frequent reasons for project failure: whether this refers to a temporary team with short term goals or entire corporate structures, the inability to overcome some sticking point that naturally complicates the process is an obstacle that every member must be totally aware of.

Moreover, conditions of continuous change also impose constant attention to project contexts, and subsequently, rapidity in operational processes.

The tendency to take for granted what may seem clear and obvious can lead to a drop in general attention levels, creating situations that cause misunderstandings and disagreements that often lead to a waste of energy and resources.

Making sure that the team contributes to the project vision in a concrete way helps avoid totally foreseeable misunderstandings and, at the same time, helps make informed and profitable decisions.




Interdepartmental work groups

Team coaches, facilitators and consultants

Innovation centres

Incubators - business accelerators

Communications and web agencies

For example
  • Defining the company vision
  • Identifying a commercial development or key exploration strategy
  • Exploring future scenarios in specific environments/contexts
  • Defining business perspective evolution
  • Building a shared corporate culture during start-up or mergers between companies or work groups.
  • Identifying new business ideas to be validated with the Business Model Canvas
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